Past Projects (excerpt)

Peed (off)

Comedy drama, 10min

A retired lumberjack is jealous of his wife’s dog. When he accidentally kills the pet, he tries to hide the circumstances to keep his relationship alive.

No Need for Cucumber

Action Film parody, 13min

VIRGINIA (16) hates cucumbers. Unfortunately, she happens to be the daughter of gardeners, specialising in cucumbers.

One day, a car chase in the village leads over the market and her father’s stall gets hit by a car, damaging most cucumbers. Virginia ́s parents try to use the vegetables and create new cucumber dishes everyday. Virginia is exasperated.

Together with her friends, she kidnaps the driver and makes him eat cucumbers until he gets sick.

But he escapes and blows up the greenhouse of Virginia ́s family. The parents are shocked, but Virginia is secretly happy: No more cucumbers.